Accessibility to PBA Portal

March 2nd, 2015

Any Lawyer who is member in Palestinian Bar Association would like to obtain a user name and a password to enter the gate of the attorney through PBA website should contact PBA IT department phone number 2952010 ext. 109 or 230

It is worth mentioning that the gate allows the lawyers access to all PBA data, and afford constant contact with the Bar.

The Portal accessibility is confidential and protecting the privacy of each lawyer.

 PBA member who has a login user name and password, is able to view the following:

• The Bar activities details, PBA contact information, and his attorney status.

• His Bar financial statements, and his outstanding balance of the judicial bonds returns.

• His due Annual fees.

• The Trainee lawyers' positions and achievements.

• His Trainer lawyer information.

• Correspondence history between the lawyer and the bar





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