January 29th, 2015

Tripoli Bar Association in Lebanon and PBA condemn and denounce Malak Alkhateeb detention.

As a result of the active cooperation between PBA and its regional and international partners , Tripoli Bar Association and PBA issued a press release condemning the aggressive  Israeli security forces action  against the Palestinian child Malak Alkhateeb fourteen years old who had been arrested  on December, 31st, 2015  .PBA asking its partners for solidarity and to act in order to release malak from the Israeli prison.

Tripoli Bar Chairman Mr. Fahd Husam Moqadam considered the arresting of the child Malak Alkhateeb is an Israeli aggressive action accumulated to the continuous Israeli violation of the international law.

PBA Chairman Mr. Hussein Shabaneh said  arresting of the kids is violating the Children's rights agreement in its article 37/B. Mr. Shabaneh asked the international community to contribute to the efforts of preventing Israeli occupation forces from proceeding in arresting the Palestinian Children.

Tripoli Bar Chairman asked the members of 1989 Children agreement and the members of Geneva 1949 and all the free countries to put pressure on Israel in order to release all the detainee kids immediately and to stop repeating this violation.

Tripoli Bar and PBA together formulated a committee to follow up this issue in front of all the international law associations to accelerate the release of all the Palestinian detainee kids from the Israeli prisons.





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