January 29th, 2015

 Sawa  Association and PBA joint training .


Sawa association in collaboration with Palestinian Bar Association conducted a training course for a group of practicing lawyers on how to deal with women and children victims of violence in all its forms issues.

 "Sawa" association announced that the session lasted for three days, 18 practicing lawyers from all the Palestinian cities benefited from this training course.

The training concentrated on teaching the lawyers how to deal with women and children victims of violence in all its forms issues, and to identify the scientific terms and concepts for this subject.

Palestinian Bar Association Chairman Mr. Hussein Shabaneh said during the closing ceremony, that PBA keen to develop the lawyers personal capabilities and strengthen their role in society.

 Director of "Sawa" association Ahillh Schumer said the institution seeks to maintain contact with PBA and hopes to sign a memorandum of understanding with them to consolidate, deepen and to ensure continued cooperation between the two sides in order to support the work of lawyers in dealing with women sensitive issues .


Lawyer Ibrahim Achris one of the participants said that he benefited professional, personal and social skills, which will help him to adapt the threads, and the use of appropriate terminology, as well as to learn how to deal with the topics, or problems occur in contemporary society.


 Lawyer Samah Farakhneh said "I have learned that the psychological aspect for victims of violence is far more important than legal substances .




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