January 19th, 2015

Press release – A conflict with Public prosecution in Nablus City

Dear Colleagues Lawyers.

Today a police force arrested a colleague lawyer based on a memorandum issued by Nablus Public prosecution. When our colleague lawyer arrived to the headquarters of the public prosecutor they realized that it was a mistake and he is not the wanted person.

PBA SubcBommittee Coordinator in Nablus tried to communicate with the Public prosecution department, but they ignored him. After that PA council tried to verify this misbehave act but the public prosecution president in Nablus refused to discuss the matter with them.

Dear colleagues

The misconducting could be possible but this negative attitude in dealing with PBA" which is one of the justice pillars" is unacceptable.

PBA taking this incident seriously and expecting that the Public prosecution will take steps towards fixing this severe fault, otherwise PBA will be forced to take steps to maintain the dignity of the lawyers and the citizens by protecting them from any mistreatment and by devoting a complementary relationship with the rest of the justice pillars.




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