January 4th, 2015

Press release.

Subject: Electronic Services provided to citizens and lawyers.


PBA Chairman Mr. Hussein Shabaneh is pleased to announce that as a result of the cooperation with the Supreme Judicial Council, the SJC launched a new electronic services through its website that provide the following:


• Lawyers' services: The ability to follow-up their files and the dates of their sessions through the Supreme Judicial Council website through the following means:

1. Special Services to organize the lawyers' hearings attendance by reducing the hearings rescheduling that come from the duplications in appointing lawyers in front of more than one judicial body at the same time and provide a service to find the the lawyer location in any judicial body.

2. A program that prevent case termination before 12:00 pm.

3. A developed software to inform the lawyers about acknowledgements they have to receive from the records' department within three days.

Public Services: Citizens can follow up their cases, their records, and their hearings schedules in Magistrate Courts and level two courts through creating their own accounts on the Supreme Judicial Council Website.

Execution department services: To follow up their cases citizens could initiate an account in the JSC site which allow them to fill electronic applications without attending the courts, also they can use computers located in the courts rooms to fill their applications during courts' business hours.

This new program will be active by January 15th, 2015.





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