December 20th, 2014

 Invitation from Kuwaiti Lawyers Association to PBA.

Palestinian Bar Association Chairman Mr. Hussein Shabaneh attended the Arab Lawyers Association meeting in Kuwait city after he received an invitation from Kuwaiti Lawyers Association.

During his visit Mr. Shabaneh met president of Kuwaiti Lawyers Association Mr. Wasmi Alwasmi, Assembly Members and number of prominent Kuwaiti lawyers who supporting the Palestinian cause.

 A cooperation agreement between the Kuwaiti Lawyers Association and the Arab Organization of Young Lawyers finalized. While PBA is a member of Arab Organization of Young Lawyers this agreement will facilitate the cooperation between PBA members and representatives from most of the Arab unions.

Another purpose for the Kuwaiti invitation was to discuss with PBA Chairman the mechanisms of arranging trial of war for the Israeli occupation criminal leaders for their repeated crimes against the Palestinian people, and to support the Palestinian Bar Association in preparing and documenting these crimes to be ready for submission to the International Criminal Court.

PBA Chairman Mr. Hussein Shabaneh expressed his Gratitude to Kuwaiti lawyers association for their hospitality .He said that the visit to Kuwait and to the Kuwaiti Lawyers Association enhanced the mutual cooperation between the Palestinian Bar Association and the Kuwaiti lawyers Association, and strengthened the existing relationship between the two leading organizations. This cooperation includes mutual exchange of experiences and supports the steadfastness of the Palestinian lawyers.


Mr.Shabaneh stressed that PBA continues in developing its regional and international partnerships. He pointed out that the Bar Association is preparing a comprehensive plan to create job opportunities for Palestinian lawyers.

He added that PBA strategy for the years 2015 to 2017 would focus on job creation to eliminate the lawyers' unemployment.






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