November 18th, 2014

PBA attended Hebron Conference entitled "Justice and Rule of Law

Hebron province launched its first judicial conference entitled "Justice and Rule of Law, reality, ambitious, accomplishments, and the future challenges"

PBA Chairman Hussein Shabaneh said that there is an active cooperation between the lawyers and the Justice System despite the temporary conflicts that is happening frequently.

He asked for a unity to face the Israeli aggressive plans and for serious efforts to develop the justice infrastructure. He added that by appointing new professional judges and innovating new strategies we can match between the justice production and the population size.

Hebron Province Councilor Dr. Suleiman Jaradat explained the Conference Goals, the actual situations of the Justice System, and the importance of having transparent Justice System.

Hebron Governor Mr. Kamel Humeid declared the Palestinian President's support to the conference efforts in emphasizing justice .He expressed his appreciation to the role of the Tribal Law and the Tribal committees in reserving the Societal Peace.

Supreme Judicial Council President Mr. Ali Mohna praised the recent development of the justice system and its achievement in finalizing thousands of lagging trials .He announced that the judicial system would adopt a new modern strategy suitable to the special Palestinian's circumstances.

Hebron Police Commander Brigadier General Mohamed Tayem praised the role of the Province Policemen in serving and protecting the people and the properties .He affirmed that the policemen obligated to the code of conduction and to the principle of equality in front of the law.





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