November 18th'2014

 "Transitional justice in the Palestinian contest" Conference:

Hebron University Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr. Nabil Alja'bri inaugurated the conference that organized by the University's Law Faculty in cooperation with Johannesburg University and the UN Development Program.

PBA chairman Mr. Hussein Shabaneh represented the Arab Lawyers Union in the conference .He pointed to the active cooperation between PBA and the Hebron University's Law Faculty and its legal clinics. He said that this cooperation would contribute in producing a professional generation of lawyers to defend our people locally and internationally.

As a representative of the Palestinian president Adv. Hassan Alori (the president's legal consultant) affirmed the importance of transitional justice and national willingness in finalizing the political unity, which is necessary to join the International Unions and Committees. He thanked Hebron University for its efforts in organizing such conferences.

Dr. Nabil Alja'bri said in his speech that the transitional justice should be the strategy to perform the national reconciliation and to recover the national rights. It will give hope to the victims and their families by implementing truth committees, reconciliation committees, and compensation committees.

Law faculty Dean Dr. Motaz Qafisheh said that the contest of hopeless negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel raised questions around the viability of achieving the transitional justice in the Palestinian interior while the Palestinian Israeli conflict threaten that process.

South Africa Ambassador Mr. Longest Mclima in his speech affirmed on the strong relations between Palestine and South Africa especially between their historical leaders Nelson Mandela and Yasser Arafat.

Carolyn Jraydon the representative of the UN Development Project in her speech expressed the willingness of UNDP to support the Palestinian's Universities, the Law's Faculties, and the Legal Clinics to enhance the rule of law, human rights, and justice.

She pointed to the importance of the transitional justice in the Palestinian's context.






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