November 10th, 2014

PBA celebrated Arafat's assassination anniversary:

Palestine Bar Association issued a press release in the tenth anniversary of the assassination of Palestinian Historical Leader Yasser Arafat

PBA criticized the extremists' Israeli government's policy against the Palestinian people especially in Jerusalem. PBA condemned the settlers' unleashed attacks on al-Aqsa mosque and the other Christian and Muslim holy places. PBA affirmed that the unity and braveness of the Palestinian people and the support of all international friends (individuals & associations) who believe in justice and human rights would contribute to the efforts of building our prospective independent state.

PBA affirmed that the dream of Yasser Arafat was to see his people living in an independent state and enjoying their freedom. By the absence of Arafat this dream turn to be the duty of every Palestinian.  PBA and its members committed to that duty in order to put the end for the last occupation on earth.




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