November 8th, 2014

Conference entitled "strength & weakness of PBA role"

Palestinian Bar Association in cooperation with MUSAWA (The Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession) held the forth conference on discussion the attorneys'' career independency and role of law, at the Red Crescent in Albireh city

PBA Chairman Mr. Hussein Shabaneh pointed to the ambitious goal to build the Palestinian state on a base of rule of law, justice, and equality .He asked the justice authority to implement the recommended judicial amendments.

He said that the role of PBA is to build strong relations with the regional and international legal associations to support the solidarity with the Palestinian cause.

He asked the Palestinian authority to accelerate the process of signing the international agreements to bring Israel in front of the International Criminal Court for its war crimes

 against the Palestinians.

 Chairman Mr. Shabaneh thanked the Kuwait's lawyer Mr. Aldokhy who donated one hundred thousands US dollars to finance the legal actions against Israel.

Finally he declared that PBA granted Arabic financial and political support to defend our people and to prosecute the companies that build the settlements.

MUSAWA Chairman Mr. Youssef Pakhtan said that attorneys' career concentrated on defending human beings and their properties, the law invented to protect both individuals and society rights .He asked PBA to develop its charter, its bylaws, and its capabilities to defend and serve its members.






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