October 1st'2014

PBA participated in a conference in Tunisia:

Palestinian Bar Association Chairman Mr. Hussein Shabaneh, a leader from Fatah central committee Mr. Azam Alahmad, a leader from Hamas Political Bureau Mr. Musa Abu Marzooq, Secretary General of the People's Party Bassam Salhi, a leader from the Political Bureau of popular Front Mr. Maher Altaher, and the Prisoners Committee President Mr. Isa Qaraqe attended a conference in Tunisia entitled "Political and legal paths for the Palestinian cause"

Tunisia President Mr. Almonsef Almarzooqy inaugurated the conference .In his speech he said that Tunisia owe Palestine, the Palestinians taught us the revolutionary principles and the courage; because of that Tunisia always backup Palestine.

He added Tunisia will support the Palestinian free well, and would not prefer Palestinian party over another .He added despite the fact that Tunisia is a poor country its our duty to keep supporting Palestine.

Finally Tunisia President asked the International Community to activate the international laws related to the protection of civilians during the war and to apply Geneva agreements.

The Palestinian leaders who attended the conference thanked Tunisia for its support to Palestine. They affirmed on spreading Peace will be through removing the occupation

PBA Chairman Hussein Shabaneh expressed his gratitude to Tunisia invitation. He pointed to the conference achievement by bringing all the Palestinian parties in one united delegation.





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