September 18th, 2014

PBA's solidarity visit to Gaza Strip:

Palestinian Bar Association Chairman Mr. Hussein Shabaneh and a delegation of Lawyers from West Bank left Gaza Strip on Thursday morning via the Rafah Border Crossing after a solidarity visit lasted for three days. The visit came to study the Gaza' lawyers conditions and to offer condolences to the Bar's Martyrs families. Number of the Bar members lost their lives as a result of the recent Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

On the second day of the delegation arrival to Gaza Branch, the delegation started visiting the families of the martyrs.

On the third day the Bar delegation celebrated the Oath for number of new lawyers. The celebration started by a recitation from the Holy Quran, then the National Palestinian Anthem.

 PBA Vice President the head of Gaza Branch Mr. Salameh Bseso welcomed the delegation, he stressed that the Bar's role is to help achieving a national unity to face the occupation and to protect Jerusalem and its holy places.


On the last day the delegation met with members of the General Assembly. PBA Chairman and the Bar Council listened to Gaza Lawyers requirements. The atmosphere of the meeting, friendliness, openness and exchange views have prevailed on Gaza Lawyers. Members of the delegation with the participation of members of the Bar Council and number of lawyers planted olive trees in the vicinity of the union's headquarters

Noteworthy that the delegation that went to the Gaza Strip were the following PBA members: -

1. PBA Chairman Mr. Hussein Shabaneh.

2. Board Member Mr. Salameh Halaseh.

3. Board Member Mr. Walid Alarda.

4. Board Member Mr.   Mohammed Jarrar.

5. Attorney Sohail Ashour.

6. Attorney Hatem Melhem.

7. Attorney Dalal Rajoub.





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