September 11th, 2014

Arab Lawyers honor the martyrs of the Palestinian Bar Association:

The Permanent Bureau of the Arab Lawyers Union launched its second meeting in the Egyptian capital of Cairo in the Ambassador Hotel. The meeting lasted for two days. Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab participated in the first session that carried the slogan "The Union unity is a condition to meet the challenges of the Arab nation".

President of the Arab Lawyers Union Attorney Sameh Ashour, Assistant Secretaries of the Union, Bars' Chairmen from most the Arab countries and a large number of the most prominent Arab and Western activists in the human rights field.


 Palestinian Bar Association delegation formed from PBA Chairman Mr. Hussein Shabana, Vice President of the Bar Mr.Salameh Bsiso, Board Members Mr.Ahmad Alnatsheh, Mr. Salameh Halaseh, Mr. Waleed Alarda, and number of the prominent lawyers including Assistant Secretary-General of Arab Union Attorney Hatem Abbas.

The Arab Lawyers Union President Mr. Sameh Ashour combined with Assistant Secretaries handed honorary trophies to the martyrs of the Palestine Bar Association who fall during the Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip.

PBA Chairman received the honor on behalf of the armor families of martyrs.

During the meeting an open discussion was performed about the brutal Zionist aggression on Gaza, followed by a seminar entitled "resorting to the International Criminal Court to prosecute Israeli war criminals and the need to join the Rome Statute of the Palestine. Choices and potential mechanisms".

A documentary film produced by the Palestinian Bar Association about serious violations carried out by the Zionist occupation forces on the Palestinian lawyers and citizens screened during the meeting.

Palestinian Bar Vice President Mr. Salameh Bsiso said we participated in the meeting of the Permanent Bureau of the Arab Lawyers Union this year in order to formalize a position to support the steadfastness of the Palestinian lawyers and the Palestinian people. To generate a conductive work in exposing the enemy's crimes against the Palestinian people as a prelude to persecute the occupation leaders in the international courts.

He added that the Arab Lawyers Union and us are united in the face of this Zionist aggression.




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