August 14.2014

Cooperation Agreement between PBA and Arab American University:

Palestinian Bar Association signed a cooperation agreement with Arab American university. The agreement consists of affording %20 fees' discount for all PBA assembly members who are attending the university's continuous programs or the master degree program .The agreement consists also on organizing an intensive cooperation in implementing the mock trials competitions by giving PBA practicing lawyers the duty of controlling those trials.

The agreement that will be active starting from the first semester of 2014.PBA members are eligible to submit their researches to the university law faculty and to contribute to the university training programs.

PBA Chairman Hussein Shabaneh expressed his appreciation to the Arab American university's offer, and affirmed that the university is providing quality teaching by using advance learning systems. He stated that the university has a distinguished business law master program. Finally Mr. Shabaneh said that PBA board's duty is to generate all the possible facilitations to their members.

The university president Dr. Mahmoud Abu Mowees said that the Arab American University is committed to cooperate with the Palestinian civil society associations. He declared his appreciation to PBA role in affirming justice and supporting the rule of law. He added that this agreement would contribute to the efforts of producing a new generation that commit to justice values.





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